Garment Care

To maintain your garment and maximise its lifespan, we recommend the following:

1. Read the label - Garments differ in fabrics and embellishments and this will impact the way that you clean your product. Check the label to avoid any errors when washing, drying or ironing. Familiarise yourself with the various care symbols.

2. Wash at low temperatures - Sportswear products have developed over time to aid performance and functionality. For this reason, your garments will contain synthetic fibres. These fibres can be damaged or may shrink if washed at too high a temperature.

3. Wash your garments inside out - As athletes, we push our bodies to the limit. Blood, sweat and tears (and bacteria) are just some of things that you will want to remove from your sportswear. By washing your product inside out, you will allow for a more thorough clean.

4. Don't tumble dry your products - Where possible, air dry your clothing. This will help preserve the quality of your product, its attributes and ultimately its lifespan.


We're all looking to minimise the negative impact and increase the positive effect that we have on the environment. Here are just a few things that you can do to make a positive contribution in caring for your clothes:

> Aim high, wash low - Once you've hit your sport and fitness goals for the day, think about washing your garments at a low temperature. High temperatures can waste a lot of energy. Washing at or below 30 degrees celsius is a great start to making a positive impact. It will reduce the greenhouse emissions generated during washing.

> Turn them inside out - Turning your opponents inside out is optional and the same to goes for your garments (but we do recommend it). It will increase the longevity of your prints as heat generated from a washing machine can often affect the adhesives of heat sealed embellishments.

> Air dry your garments - By removing tumble drying from your process, you can save energy and greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to this, you will extend the garments lifespan.

Further information

To learn more about the impact of clothes on the environment as well as extending the lifespan of your products you can visit:

Love your clothes are part of the Sustainable Clothing Action Plan (SCAP) coordinated by WRAP, they exist "to reduce the impact of clothes on the environment."

As an ever-evolving sportswear brand, we are committed to improving the ways In which we do things. Moving forward, sustainability will be a key issue that we continue to address.